My life has been all about coral, which is good .... great ... although i have been spending many of my days above water reading about coral as opposed to underwater diving with coral. I understand reading is important to and you cannot just play in the water every day.... although lets be real thats all I want to do. I am in my last semester of my classes at U Edinburgh which has me really excited because that means I will be able to focus on my coral conservation project next year and not have to think about classes. Which will bring me to graduation in 2014 with my MSC... and then the path to my Doctorate will begin... yikes!  The coral conservation project is coming along well. We have had 2 intense coral conservation trainings, one in Andros and the other in Cat Island. We have been focusing on  our SCUBA certifications both the Andros and the Cat Island group have passed their tests and finished their confined water work, so our next trips will be focussing on Coral ID and our open water dives. I feel as though I am writing so many grants these days, we really need to find a sponsor so that we can expand our coral conservation project and YME.  I will be heading back down to Cat Island this weekend to talk at the Earth Day Fair I will be speaking on my EDGE/YME project  “ Empowering Youth Through Coral Conservation”. It will be nice to be down there and see the YME group again.  I am working on a few new projects and as they develop I will be sure to blog about it.  I have a new quotation that I live by “ I want to remember that no one is going to make my dream come true for me... it is my job to get up every day and work towards the things that are deepest in my heart...and to enjoy every step of the journey rather than wishing  I was already where I wanted to end up” 

Check out my most recent blog post on the Zoological Society of London EDGE of existence website



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03/16/2017 6:01am

I haven't been underwater at all. I want to look at all beauties there!

05/02/2017 9:42am

I envy you. How I wish I have the will and strong mind to make scuba diving as my life. As much as I want too, I cannot simply because I do not know how to swim! That is my greatest frustration actually. By the way I am happy to know that this isn't just a hobby for you. This has been your advocacy to help our environment. I am hoping that many people will attend" Empowering Youth Through Coral Conservation".

05/04/2017 3:51am

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My life has been about coral, which is great .... extraordinary ... in spite of the fact that i have been spending a considerable lot of my days above water perusing about coral rather than submerged plunging with coral. I comprehend perusing is imperative to and you can't simply play in the water each day.... in spite of the fact that lets be genuine that is all I need to do.

08/30/2017 4:09am

It is so adventurous have fun guys


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